ESOLIDAR – Solidarity Marketplace

A new and different ways of fundraising for nonprofits, through e-commerce where each transaction has social impact.

eSolidar is a social solidarity tool enhanced by electronic commerce, with the goal of creating new forms of fundraising for nonprofit organisations. It translates into a social and supportive market where you can buy, sell, share and help change the world.

Esolidar is a project that results of 3 years of experience, commitment, dedication, struggle and resilience, a team focused on creating and developing innovative solutions and impact. During these three years, this team has launched a project (bewarket) which is an online social functioning market within facebook as an application. This project was born esolidar, an online marketplace where e-commerce embraces solidarity.

Why esolidar:
– 75% of Nonprofit’s time is spent on fundraising – not serving their mission
– 10% of e-commerce industry is enough to eradicate extreme poverty in the world
– 83% of consumers prefer to buy products associated with a charitable cause
– 70% of the funds generated by nonprofits came from the sale of goods and services
– 79% of consumers would like to see retailers doing more for charity
– 50% say that would spend more with a retailer that is supporting a charity